Horikoshi Seiki Co., Ltd. provides highly productive, multi-tasking operations\machining with our NC (numerical control) lathes and precision cutting with our machining centers and five-axis machining equipment. We eagerly support high-precision machining and high-mix production, even for small and medium size batches.

Horikoshi Seiki Co., Ltd.

1-16-1 Omori-nishi, Ota-ku, Tokyo 143-0015, Japan

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Typical Work Order Flow


The first step in our response process to customer inquiries is in-depth discussions between the customer and the relevant staff at Horikoshi Seiki. We encourage you to provide us with as much detail as possible concerning your machining requirements or current product concerns.

Lot size and specifications: Please provide Horikoshi Seiki with accurate details and diagrams so we can provide an accurate estimate.
Please send us accurate diagrams and drawings that will enable us to fully and accurately understand the target component shape, including details such as materials, dimensions and tolerance. These diagrams will ensure smoother discussions during the entire process. Also, clearly state your target quantity and delivery date (or most current schedule) to help us grasp the entire situation.

Inquiry Example:
Prototype (test production): 10 pcs.
1 lot: 20 pcs.; approximately 500 pcs. per year
August 20XX: Prototype evaluation
October 20XX: Start mass production

Target Cost: Please let us know if you have a desired unit cost.
Based on your cost requirements, we will apply our broad range of engineering techniques to come up with the optimal machining process to meet specifications while greatly minimizing costs.

Hand-drawn diagrams and sample-based estimates can lead to problems.
It is nearly impossible for us to accurately grasp the shapes, precise dimensions or materials of a part based only on hand-drawn diagrams or sample items. Orders based on these often result in misunderstandings and eventual problems. Please understand that we will turn down orders or inquiries if we determine that the information or specifications are insufficient.
How to place an inquiry
Please use our dedicated Inquiry Form and send by fax (03-3763-7821) or postal service.


After receiving an inquiry from a customer, we provide our best estimate (product specifications, delivery, price, etc.) free of charge as soon as possible.

However, please understand that it may take plenty of time for us to work up the best plan for your needs according to inquiry conditions, machining method, materials, processing method, etc. Our estimate is valid for one month after issuance.

STEP3@Confirmation of Order and Business Terms

After confirming the official order from the customer and agreement to business terms based on the details of our estimate, we accept the order and begin work.

STEP4@Parts Production

Parts are manufactured according to diagrams approved by the customer.


Complete parts are usually delivered to the customer via a private courier service.

Offering a totally seamless service, covering every step of the way, to create the high quality products you need.
Offering a totally seamless service, covering every step of the way, to create the high quality products you need. e-mail contact form
Only Ota Quality Registered Company
Horikoshi Seiki was honored to receive the g2007 Monozukuri Human Resource Education Award for Small and Medium Businesses in the Tokyo Areah from the Tokyo Metropolitan government. 2007 Monozukuri Human Resource Education Award for Small and Medium Businesses in the Tokyo Area

We receive the Monozukuri Human Resource Education Award.
The Tokyo Metropolitan Government bestowed on us this award in recognition of our original education and training system, human resource development system and high level of respect for our employees that have resulted in direct benefits and results in business operations.

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Major applications of Horikoshi Seiki machined parts

Industrial equipment, optical instruments, aerospace instruments, measuring instruments and semiconductor equipment.

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Horikoshi Seiki promotes quality control and environment control.

We actively integrate and apply IT to all operations, such as quality control, delivery management, outsourcing management, machining and CAD (computer-aided design)/CAM (computer-aided manufacturing).

We actively integrate and apply IT to all operations
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